March 2017

Play Time: Sellam Gedara (Play House)
March 2017

In Sri Lanka, children love nothing better than playing house, or 'Sellam Gedara'. The children gather in the evenings and discuss what game they would play. They have their favourites; some for boys and some for girls, but one game they all vote for is Sellam Gedara, when they would dress up like adults and play house.

Building the house is the first thing to do. The simple house is held up by poles and shaded by a coconut palm roof. The walls are old saris borrowed from Mother or Grandmother. There would also be a swing hanging from
a tree nearby for the children of the ‘family' to play. The boys and girls do their best to make the house look real. They use cardboard boxes and tins to make tables, chairs, televisions and radios.

Finally, all that is wanted is a family to turn the house into a home, and children rush to get ready by wrapping themselves up in their parents' clothing. Then the game would begin. An evening of fun with dolls to send to sleep and 'food' to be cooked in little pots while boys in oversized ties go to 'work'.