August 2017

Celebrating 150 Years of Ceylon Tea
August 2017

A year long celebration of the milestone of the Ceylon Tea industry, culminates this month with the much-awaited Colombo International Tea Convention. Delegations from across the oceans head to the Island to relish and honour the world famous brew.

August 8 - 11

Colombo International Tea Convention

The grand Colombo International Tea Convention will take place at the BMICH over a course of four days. Sessions, focusing on the Heritage of Ceylon Tea, Sustainability, Trade and Finance, Logistics and Trends, Share of Throat (On competing beverages), Global Forces and Technology - ‘Spontaneitea', will be conducted from August 9 - 11, 2017.

In addition to speeches from renowned Sri Lankan producers and exporters, there will be presentations from Nick Revette of Twinings & Co, that has 300 years of expertise in the tea industry; R Krishnakumar, Trustee, Board of TATA and S Kasyanenko, President, Orimi, Russia. Speeches will also be delivered by Anna Paula, Executive Vice President, Rain Forest Alliance; Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy, Governor, Central Bank of Sri Lanka; Dr Eteri Kvintradez, The Resident Representative, IMF; Peter Goggi, President, Tea Association, USA and Yu Lu, Vice President, China Chamber of Commerce of Food and Native Products.

Welcome Cocktails – August 8, 2017
Opening Ceremony and Day One of Sessions – August 9, 2017
Day Two Sessions – August 10, 2017
Day Three Sessions – August 11, 2017

August 11

Beach Party

Overlooking Colombo's city beach, the beach party hosted at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, will be a celebratory conclusion to the Colombo International Tea Convention.

August 12

A Celebration of Ceylon Tea
Food & Music

Along the fairytale dining venue of Park Street Mews, the legacy of Ceylon Tea will be celebrated with great gusto. The festival will take place from noon onwards.

August 13

To Broadway with Love

An event featuring musical performances by Adam Jon, Karen Usha Gray and Sri Lankan musician Soundarie David. The event, in aid of the Colombo Tea Traders Trust Fund, commences at 7pm.