May 2019

Jathaka Katha
May 2019

The Buddha practised Paramitha on the path to Enlightenment as a Bodhisatva born in different lives. These Jathaka stories reflect his virtues, teaching universal morals. These tales are illuminated in pandols during the season of Vesak.

Wessantara Jathakaya
King Wessantara, the Bodhisatva, gave up his throne and donated his wealth to practise Daana Paramitha (way of giving). As a meditating hermit, he gave away his children, Jaliya and Krishnajina to Juthaka, a hermit and his wife, Mandree as well. This story reflects the Bodhisatva's supreme benevolence and generosity.

Nalapana Jathakaya
A tribe of monkeys tried to drink water from a pond. Their leader, the Bodhisatva, understood that a demon was there. He instructed them to use bamboo straws instead of going into the pond, saving the lives of his entire tribe. This story thus reflects wisdom and intelligence.

Satthikumbha Jathakaya
Two parrot siblings got caught in a gush of wind. One parrot fell among robbers and grew up learning rude behavior. He was named Satthikumbha. The other parrot, the Bodhisatva, fell into a hermitage. Named Pupphaka, he grew up with pleasant manners. This story tells how
the upbringing is important in one's life.

Serivanija Jathakaya
Kachchaputa, a jewellery merchant, tried to trick a poor family into giving up a precious, though rusted pot in exchange for a bangle. Bodhisatva Serivanija, an honest merchant, gave away all his gold and jewellery in exchange for the precious item. This teaches how honesty is rewarding.

Kusa Jathakaya
Prince Kusa, the Bodhisatva was born with an unattractive face. Kusa fell in love with beautiful Pabawathi and hid his face to win her affection. Once his true appearance was revealed, she learned to love him despite his looks. This teaches to look past a person's appearance.