August 2019

Fun games in Sri Lanka!
August 2019

Kurumbatti mashima
‘Tik, tik, tik' - The coconut sewing machine spins around. Known as ‘Kurumbatti Mashima,' it is made with six pieces of ekel and a young coconut. When you place a leaf in the middle and spin it, the coconut machine makes a rhythmical sound, creating a beautiful pattern on the leaf.

Polpithi Haraka
Made out of the open-end of the coconut branch, the Polpithi Haraka (Bull) can be as creative as you want it to be. You can draw colourful eyes and a nose on it, and fasten two twigs or place a piece of a coconut shell to resemble the horns. Once you have decorated it, you can drag it anywhere with a coir rope tied across its belly!

Roong Peththa
The wind fan - Roong Peththa - is a delight. It is made with the two halves of a coconut frond folded together to create a fan and connected to the midrib of the coconut leaf. As children run with joy carrying the Roong Peththa, it spins as fast as the wind.

Tin Karatte
A small tin is punctured at four places to insert wheels: bottle caps are great to use as the wheels. Then connect the cart to a stick or a rope, so it can be either pushed forward, or pulled around as you play. You can have a tin cart race with your friends too!

Perfect for when you play house! Kompittu is a mound of soil, moulded into a half-globe with a coconut shell.
It is meant to represent the making of food in the play-house. Fill the shell with wet soil, place it overturned on a flat surface, and slowly remove the shell. Make sure the soil is not loose! You can decorate the Kompittu with small flowers and leaves as well.

Puwak Kole Ada Gena Yama
Puwak, or areca-nut has a branch with a firm and a broad base, large and strong enough for someone to sit. When the withered branch falls off the tree, you can get together with a friend on a small adventure. You can sit on the base and hold on tight, and the friend can pull you around in a thrilling ride. Do this in turns, and it will be the most fun you have had in a while.

Get together with your siblings or friends while in Sri Lanka and try making some of these Sri Lankan traditional play items, or even better, experience them if possible. It would definitely be a time of great fun.