September 2019

Popular Sri Lankan Children's Stories: 'Lama Kathandara'
September 2019

Passed down by word-of-mouth, our childhood stories are forms of entertainment and ideal teaching tools that have deep meaning. They vary from explaining life lessons to exaggerated events. Here's a peek at some of those popular characters that you would love to hear about.

'Mahadena Muththa' - The Wise Man and his Disciples
Mahadena Muththa is a so-called wise man, who lived with his five disciples: ‘Polbe Moona', 'Rabboda Aiya', ‘Puvak Badilla', Kotu Kithaiya', and ‘Indikatu Pancha.' He once counted the number of people as "Myself, one, two..." and the group thought that they had lost a member. Villagers come to Mahadena Muththa with problems, but his solutions often give amusing results.

After a day of fun, children gather around their elders to eagerly listen to stories. These humorous tales are filled with funny characters, that make you laugh but also teach valuable lessons.

'Andaré,' The Court Jester
Andaré is the famous court jester, who always makes a funny remark or a clever joke. Once, he told his wife and the queen that the other is deaf. The two women started speaking loudly to each other, confusing the king. Andaré always finds an excuse to explain his actions to the king. From overeating sugar to teasing the queen, Andaré gets away with anything while making
everyone laugh.

The Best Buddies 'Raigamaya and Gampalaya'
Raigamaya and Gampalaya are two friends who decided to go to the town for trade. Gampalaya plucks pepper leaves, while Raigamaya collects kithul seeds. But they pretend that they have betel leaves and areca nuts respectively. At night, they steal each other's bags, thinking they have tricked the other. In town, both Raigamaya and Gampolaya go to different traders and open the bags, only to realise that trying to trick their friend, they hve tricked themselves.

Simpleton 'Kirihami'
A priest tells Kirihami that if his head and feet are cold at the same time, he will die. On seven different times, he gets soaked with water. Remembering the priest's words, Kirihami thinks that he is dead and argues with people who try to tell him that he is alive. Each time, someone would convince him that they know how to bring people back to life, once making Kirihami sneeze too much until he cries out that he is alive.