November 2019

Lighthouses around the island
November 2019

Galle Lighthouse

There are many lighthouses across Sri Lanka, most built during the colonial period. They are fascinating coastal landmarks that provide an exciting journey of discovery.

Colombo Lighthouse
Built in 1952, the Colombo Lighthouse has four lions facing the four directions. It is located at Galbokka Point, a serene walk away from the Galle Face Green. The lighthouse was opened by Hon D S Senanayake, the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Barberyn Lighthouse
Situated on the Barberyn Island in Beruwala, this lighthouse gets its name from the island. It was built by British Colonials in 1889 to warn passing ships of coral reefs that could damage ships.

Dondra Head Lighthouse
Rising over 160 feet, Dondra Head Lighthouse in Devundara, Matara is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka. There are 196 steps that lead to the top.

Great Basses and Little Basses Reef Lighthouses
The Great Basses Reef (Maha Ravana) and Little Basses Reef (Kuda Ravana) Lighthouses were built on rock formations in the southeast coast of the country. Shipwrecks in the waters make this a hotspot for diving.

Galle Lighthouse
Also known as Pointe De Galle Light, this was the first light station to be built in the island. It guided ships to the Galle harbour. The lighthouse is situated within the Galle Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Kevuliya Lighthouse
Also called the Round Island Lighthouse, this is situated on a rocky island in the bay of Trincomalee. This lighthouse is unique because of its red and white flashes of light. The colours signal direction and danger.

Kankesanthurai Lighthouse
The Kankesanthurai Lighthouse has an octagonal stone tower. It is a beacon built in 1893 to guide ships. Located along the northernmost coast in the country, the white and gold lighthouse is 73 feet tall.

Point Pedro Lighthouse
Built in 1916, the Point Pedro Lighthouse is situated in northern Sri Lanka. It is a round masonry tower.