July 2017

Traditional Sri Lankan Dress
July 2017

Sri Lanka is a country of many traditions that have been passed down by our ancestors. Our traditional clothes are therefore unique. Little girls and boys have special outfits too. Girls wear the Lama Sariya and boys wear the Jathika Anduma. At the temple on Poya days or during special events such as the National Independence Day celebrations, you will see girls dressed in Lama Sariya and boys in the Jathika Anduma. For your next temple visit or a special occasion, try wearing our traditional clothes; they are comfortable and smart.

Lama Sariya

The Lama Sariya, as the name means, looks like half a sari.

It has two parts; the top is a fitting jacket with a wide soft frill around the neck. The bottom part is a drape wrapped around the waist. The cloth reaches the ankle and has a wide frill at the side of the hip.

The white Lama Sariya is worn for religious events such as to observe sil on Poya days.

Colourful Lama Saris in many types of materials are worn for weddings, especially by the flower girls and little maids. Girls also wear it for events such as the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

Jathika Anduma

The National Outfit worn by boys is smart and simple. Unlike the Lama Sariya, it is the same as what the adults wear.

It also has two parts. A long sleeve shirt and a sarong that reaches the ankle. The shirt is not tucked in. Sometimes a neatly folded wrap similar to a scarf is worn around the neck.

The Jathika Anduma too is mostly worn in white, especially when visiting religious places.

For celebratory events boys wear the Jathika Anduma in many colours, while for weddings, pale gold or cream colours are popular.