April 2018
1. The Colourful Celebration of Vesak

The entire country lights up with bright and beautiful Vesak lanterns, as Sri Lanka commemorates the thrice blessed day.

2. Dawn of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year Lights the Lamp of Unity

The entire nation anticipates the auspicious hour of the New Year when communities unite as one to light the lamp of hope.

3. Journey to the Hill Country

Come April, the Nuwara Eliya season begins. Travel to the misty mountains and experience the beauty of the cool climes.

4. SriLankan Airlines scores a hat-trick at Golden City Gate Awards 2018

SriLankan Airlines, the National Carrier of Sri Lanka and a member of the oneworld alliance, reaffirming the global appeal...

5. Keep Your Cool!

The heat is on in Sri Lanka and the island itself provides a natural bounty to help hydrate and cool the body.

6. සැමදෙන සමඟින් බෙදා ගන්නා දේවාශිර්වාදය - ප්‍රසාදම්

හින්දු දහමට අනුව බැතිබරත්වයෙන් යුතුව දෙවියන් වෙත පූජා කරනු ලබන ආහාර වර්ග දේවාශිර්වාදය...

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