May 2018
7. Belihuloya to Nagarak

Beyond the Baker's Bend is a 360o view of mesmeric landscape with lush greenery and gushing waterfalls.

8. Paduru: Sri Lanka's Magic Carpet

A multipurpose handcrafted mat intricately woven with traditional patterns, the paduru of Sri Lanka feature an assortment of colours.

9. The Romance of Royalty

Be it for love or conquest, tales of royal marriages have for millennia coloured the annals of our history.

10. Medirigiriya: Circles Within Circles

Discover one of the ancient and best preserved examples of the Vatadage in the country, within the bygone grandeur of Polonnaruwa.

11. Bodh Gaya: A Place of Great Spirituality and Worship

The birthplace of Buddhism, where the Great Teacher attained Enlightenment.

12. The Charm of Canton

A city with centuries of history, a diverse culture, stunning architecture and the origin of the world famous Cantonese cuisine.

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