July 2018
1. A Day in Ratnapura

The island's city of gems is also an abode of the gods. It is a bustling township, where modern industry blends with history and religion.

2. Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Secret Order of the Double Sunrise

The historic trans-Indian Ocean aerial service between Australia and Ceylon was a vital lifeline during World War II.

3. වසර පුරාවට සොඳුරු අත්දැකීම් ගෙනෙන ඍතු වෙනස

ලොව විවිධ රටවලට විවිධාකාරයේ දේශගුණික විපර්යායාසයන් ඇති කරමින් වසර පුරාවට එකකට එකක් වෙනස්වූ...

4. மனநலம், உடல்நலம், குணநலம் தந்து ஆபத்துகளைத் தடுக்கும் ஏரோபிக்

ஏரோபிக் என்பதன் பொருள் உத்வேகம், மன உறுதிப்பாடு, உடல் ஆரோக்கியம் என்பதாக அமைகின்றது.

5. Statues in Vavuniya

A quick stop on the way to the North, Vavuniya is a hive of activity. As you explore, discover the eye-catching statues, which have a story to tell.

6. Ala: Delicious Island Culinary Customs

In the village and rural backyards of homes in Sri Lanka, one encounters nutritious yams. Knowledge of which, though scarce today, should be preserved for the future.

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