August 2018
1. The Sacred Voyage of the Tooth Relic of the Buddha

Set within times of old, the journey of the Sacred Tooth Relic crosses great seas and witnesses boundless wars until it reaches its permanent place in Sri Lanka.

2. Experience the Jaffna Vibe

With its distinctive character, vibrant culture and enchanting landscapes; Jaffna offers you an exotic experience within the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

3. The Calm Spirituality of Madhu

Painted in serene colours of blue and white, the Shrine of Our Lady Madhu welcomes into her premises all visitors regardless of their religion, caste or creed.

4. රස රැසක මිහිර ගෙනෙන ඉන්දීය ආහාර

රසයෙන් ගුණයෙන් පරිපූර්ණ වූ ඉන්දියානු ආහාර සංස්කෘතිය විවිධත්වයෙන් අනූන වූවකි. එලෙස සිත...

5. கலைவண்ணம் காணும் கைவண்ணம் பீரளு லேஸ்

பண்டைக்கால மன்னர்கள் பீரளுரேந்தை பின்னல் கலை மீது ஆர்வம் காண்பித்ததுடன்...

6. From Arthur's Seat to Bahirawakanda

Blessed with splendour and a remarkable heritage, the sheer beauty of the city of Kandy can be experienced from the renowned Arthur’s Seat viewpoint and Bahirawakanda.

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