August 2018
19. Motion Activated Garage Light

The light provides four times the illumination of a traditional 60W bulb, but uses only 25 watts of electricity. It is fitted into any standard screw-top socket; delivering an impressive 3,000 lumens of light.

20. GPS Audible Golf Range Finder

The device announces the exact distance to the centre of the green from the last golf shot. An interactive map providing information such as distances to hazards can be accessed through the free app on all smartphones.

21. Portable Resistance Band Workout System

The Resistance Band provides a total body workout that is gentle on the joints. It is compact and portable; weighing less than a pound.

22. LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Glasses

LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy Glasses reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They provide a full spectrum of light (amber, red, deep red, infrared) to stimulate the natural...

23. Vertical Chipping Practice Net

The chipping net is designed for every golf shot required. It helps one learn how to control the trajectory of shots. Four target nets and four adjustable angle settings simulate...

24. Insect Trap with USB Charging Ports

The device wards off fruit flies and other flying insects, while providing two AC outlets and two USB ports. A UV-emitting fluorescent bulb lures pests to an odourless, non-toxic sticky card behind a decorative panel. It is ideal for rooms for up to...

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