September 2018
1. Tranquil Deniyaya

Travelling through the southern province across lush mountain tops and tea fields, brings you to the serene hamlet of Deniyaya.

2. Pineapples: Your Everyday Fruit

Experience the tropical summer flavours of the pineapple on your visit to Sri Lanka. With its spiky crown and sweet, succulent flesh, the fruit is a true island delicacy.

3. තේ රසයට නව අරුතක්

නැවුම් තේ දල්ලේ සාරය සමග මුසුවී වෙනස්ම රස අත්දැකීමක මිහිර ගෙනෙනා තේ රස ගැන්වීමේ කලාව ලොව...

4. காண்போரைச் சுண்டியிழுக்கும் நாடக வடிவங்கள் சொக்கறி, கோலம், நாடகம

இலங்கையில் பிரபல்யமான மூன்று பாரம்பரிய நாடக வகைகள் காணப்படுகின்றன. அவையாவன சொக்கறி, கோலம்...

5. Kotte – The Kingdom Within the City

Remnants of an unforgettable legacy of design and classical literature awaits explorers. Discover the historic saga of Kotte and its ancient monuments.

6. Mati Gewal

Witness a rural lifestyle of simplicity; constructed with materials obtained from the surrounding area, these houses reflect the ingenuity and traditions of a bygone era.

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