September 2018
19. Japanese Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

A Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer handmade in Japan, where cold brew (Kyoto-style) coffee originated. The machine uses ice water to extract a concentrated brew that maintains natural flavour. The speed of the drip cycle can be adjusted from between...

20. Carry on Closet

A carry on bag with integrated shelves that keep clothes organised. When hung in a closet, the bag automatically expands with three built-in shelves, a zipped pocket and a laundry hamper. Made of durable polyester with a water-resistant PVC backing...

21. Floating and Beach Wine Glasses

Wine glasses that float on water or can be poked into the sand, and hence to not topple. It is ideal for an afternoon in the pool or an evening at the beach. The set of two 12-ounce goblets are made from BPA-free acrylic and are dishwasher safe.

22. Pain Relieving Neck Sling

The suspended sling uses cervical traction to help reduce neck pain. By alleviating pressure on the vertebrae and decompressing the cervical spine, it rises blood circulation and oxygenates muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments.

23. 10' Dragon Kite

A dragon kite that soars in the air with a 10-foot wide wingspan. Made from ripstop polyester and dye-sublimation, the high-visibility colours impart a 3D depth. The dragon is supported by a fibreglass frame. It is attached to a 22kg test polyester...

24. Patio Table Mosquito Repeller

A tabletop device that repels mosquitoes within a 110-foot radius for up to 40 hours. It uses heat to automatically diffuse a safe repellent free of DEET or citronella fragrances, eliminating the need to apply chemical-based sprays or use scented candles.

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