October 2018
1. The Month of Vap

A significant time in the religious calendar of Buddhists, Vap is celebrated with the act of giving. It is also a time for farmers to plant paddy seeds, which will be reaped in six months.

2. Where the East meets the West Chundikkulam National Park

Topographically the narrowest location in the island, the recently designated National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

3. ත්‍රාසය හා ප්‍රීතිය පිරි හැලෝවීන්

පුරාණ ආගමික විශ්වාස සමගින් ආරම්භවී අද වනවිට ලොව පුරාම මහත් උත්සවශ්‍රීයෙන් යුතුව සමරන...

4. தொப்பிகள் உணர்த்தும்உண்மைகள்

மனிதன் அழகியல் இரசனையுடன் தலையை அலங்கரித்துக் கொள்ளத் தொப்பிகளை பல்வேறு மூலப்பொருட்களைக்...

5. Flirting with the Seven Virgins: A short detour down the Maskeliya Oya

Sheer cliffs along with montane and sub-montane forests characterise the Seven Virgin Hills.

6. The Delectable Strawberry

Indulge in the succulently perennial fuit grown in temperate Nuwara Eliya. A vital ingredient in many delectable desserts, strawberries are a sweet temptation.

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