October 2018
19. One Touch 16 Sound Soother

The device helps one relax, drift off to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. It features 16 sound options including white noise, nature sounds, sleep songs and signature Dohm sounds.

20. World's First Adjustable Firmness Pillow

The pillow is designed to help customise one’s sleep. Simply unzip the pillow cover, untie and add or remove filling as preferred. The pillow features built-in Cool Wick IQ® technology to absorb heat and moisture to ensure comfort throughout the night.

21. World's Thinnest Infrared Activated Treadmill

The treadmill senses the body's position to change speeds accordingly. The speed increases when at the front of the mat, reduces when at the back and is static when running in the middle.

22. Crease Free Shirt Transporter

This protects a single folded shirt or blouse from wrinkling during travel. Simply fold a clean, ironed shirt around the patented curved folding board and insert the board in the zippered, fabric-lined case. The curved edges prevent creasing of the...

23. Five Device Charging Speaker

A universal charger that can be simultaneously used by five devices. It plugs into a standard wall outlet and has four 1-amp ports, one 2-amp port and can cradle three devices for portrait screen orientation. Equipped with Alexa for voice...

24. Celebrating All Things Melbourne

Melbourne Fashion Week features living and urban trends in fashion.

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