November 2018
1. Along the Ramparts of Galle Fort

Galle’s grand historic fort is a fortified city built during the colonial era of the island and is remarkable due...

2. Kandy: the Hill Capital

Rekindling the spark of Sri Lanka’s regal legacy and colonial past, Kandy is the hill capital of the country. Discover the citadel’s modern spirit and ancient charm.

3. Tea in the Jungle: a daytrip to Akuressa

Encircled by emerald hills and rolling tea fields, Akuressa is a tranquil little hamlet hidden in the South of the island. Immerse in its sheer serenity and the wonders of nature.

4. ආලෝකයේ සැමරුම දීපාවලි

අද වනවිට ලොව පුරාම උත්සවශ්‍රීයෙන්යු තුව සමරන අතීත කතාවක් හා සබැඳුණු, සතුට සහ ප්‍රීතිය කැටිවුණු වර්ණවත් සහ ආලෝකමත් ආගමික සැමරුමක තතු.

5. Over 91 per cent of flights on-time
SriLankan Airlines, the most punctual global airline for September 2018

SriLankan Airlines has achieved the remarkable feat of being named the world's most punctual airline for the month of September 2018 in the key categories of 'Global Airlines' and 'Major Airlines', by the flight data analysis company

6. நாத வினோதங்கள் நடன சந்தோஷங்கள்

இலங்கையிலும் வெளிநாடுகளிலும் வாழும் சிங்கள மக்கள் மத்தியில் 'பாய்விருந்து'க் கலாசாரம் பரவலாகக் காணப்படுகிறது.

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