November 2018
25. Flattened Kicking Witch

The inflatable six-feel-long kicking legs remind would-be witches to keep an eye on the sky. Inflating through built-in air blowers, and lit by seven integrated LEDs, the legs twitch up and down to suggest the waning...

26. Voice Clarifying Sound Bar

The patented amplifier bar clarifies sound from a TV to help viewers hear dialogue clearly. It uses proprietary technology that isolates voice frequencies and lifts dialogue audio without increasing a programme's background noise or music.

27. The Best Garment Steamer

The steamer removes wrinkles fast, is easy to operate and generates the hottest steam, removing wrinkles from wool pants in 54.39 seconds and a rayon blouse in 58.57 seconds.

28. Resort style, the Miami Way

From ancient bridges to modern ones, discover the various bridges that cross the winding rivers of the island.

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