January 2019
7. A Tale of Two Wetland Cities

Urban wetlands are one of the greatest gifts to mankind from nature. Colombo was bestowed with Ramsar Wetland City Accreditation and it's the first and only capital city to achieve this title.

8. Haththikuchchi: Silently Standing the Test of Time

Situated in the Kurunegala district, Haththikuchchi is an ancient monastery surrounded by lush greenery.

9. Island of the Kings

Often overlooked, Malé, the capital of Maldives, is a delightful destination to discover the Maldivian traditions, culture and cuisine.

10. Vibrant Madurai

Walk along the streets of Madurai and discover its history, spirituality, culture and vibrancy.

11. A Space Adventure

Visit the Sri Lanka Planetarium and learn about the universe we live in.

12. Can't Hurt Me - Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

Self-discipline, mental toughness and hard work helped David Goggins overcome the scars of a childhood filled with poverty, prejudice and physical abuse.

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