February 2019
1. The City Perahera: Navam Perahera of the Gangaramaya

The month of February sets the stage for the highly anticipated Navam Perahera in Colombo, organised by the Gangaramaya Temple.

2. Remembering Independence 1948

Through the perseverance of patriotic Sri Lankans, the island gained its Independence on February 4th, 1948 and the nation rejoiced with heartfelt pride, celebrations taking place at significant locations in the city of Colombo.

3. සීත කඳු වළල්ලකින් වටවුණු සීතා අම්මන් කෝවිල

මනස්කාන්ත නුවරඑළිය නගරයට යාබද සුන්දර සීතාඑළියේ පිහිටි සීතා අම්මන් කෝවිලේ වීරත්වයෙන් සපිරි ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨ අතීතයක තතූ විත්ති.

4. நீலக்கடலின் நடுவில் நீலத்திமிங்கிலங்கள் காண வாரீர்...

இன்று உலகில் வாழும் உயிரினங்களில், யானைகளும் நீலத்திமிங்கிலங்களும் மிகப்பிரமாண்டமானவை.

5. SriLankan Airlines installs SkyLights' VR cinema

SriLankan Airlines, in partnership with immersive entertainment specialist SkyLights, unveiled a new Virtual Reality (VR) cinema at its Business Class lounge.

6. Fascinating Hanguranketha

Steeped in history, legends and folk tales, Hanguranketha is a town where Kandyan kings had sought refuge. Discover the remnants of the past and explore its rich culture.

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