July 2019
19. Ultralight Adjustable Travel Cane

The cane made from carbon fibre adjusts from 33 to 37 inches in length with a push-button. It folds into four compact 11-inch-long sections for easy travel.

20. Lamzac® 2.0 Inflated Lounge Seat

The Lamzac® the Original 2.0 by Fatboy is the new and improved version of the world-famous lounge chair for two.

21. Anti-Aging Face Lift Pillow

Maintain a youthful look without sacrificing a good night's rest with the Anti-Aging Face Lift Pillow.

22. Green Glamour in Monte Carlo

Sustainable logic was at the forefront of Monte-Carlo Fashion Week. Chic designs, innovative resort collections and luxurious creativity were featured on the runways.

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