August 2019
19. Stair Climbing Trolley Chair

The hand cart with a patented design effortlessly rolls along stairs as the six-wheels maintain contact with the horizontal tread and vertical riser on each step.

20. Six Foot F-35 Kite

The kite has been designed after the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Made from ripstop nylon attached to a fibreglass frame, the kite bears the F-35's distinctive stealth profile.

21. Personalised Vegan Leather Dopp Kit

The spacious Dopp Kit, designed for men, can be personalised with a single initial or up to three block initials.

22. Outdoor Building Block Electric Train

The two-car train is made from weather-resistant plastic building blocks that snap together easily to attach to two two-axle flat cars.

23. iSee4S Eye Massager

The iSee4S Eye Massager adopts intelligent air pressure, point massage and heat compression massaging technology. Massage settings have been preset.

24. Sunny times in Berlin!

The runways of Berlin's MBFW Spring/Summer 2020 will transfer your style mantra to a novel fashion era.

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