September 2019
1. Rooftop Views of Colombo

Colombo is a continuously evolving metropolis. From soaring high-rise apartments, luxury hotels, colonial buildings, monumental landmarks to city parks...

2. The Ancient Technology Museum and Library in Polonnaruwa

The museum focuses on the technology that was used in ancient Sri Lanka. The galleries in the museum displays objects, features, processes and constructions...

3. A Novel's Journey to the Screen

For decades, many celebrated Sri Lankan novels have been beautifully and expressively brought to life through film and teledramas.

4. Madurai: the City of Jasmine

The city has been a hub of Tamil language, art, and architecture with magnificent buildings, temples, and palaces.

5. Stunning Gan Island

Gan, the southernmost island in the Addu Atoll, with the view of a heart-shaped atoll from above is stunning and sets the tone for a trip to this spectacular island.

6. Popular Sri Lankan Children's Stories: 'Lama Kathandara'

Traditional childhood stories are forms of entertainment and ideal teaching tools that have deep meanings.

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