January 2017
7. Meemure: The Last Kandyan Hamlet

A village immersed in legend and lore hidden amidst picturesque mountains.

8. The Traditional Rituals of Building a House

The traditons and customs of building a house in Sri Lanka reflect a sign of belief and faith that have passed down for many years.

9. The Capital Lake: Exploring the Diyawanna Oya by Boat

For a close encounter with nature, paddle in this suburban lake.

10. All that Glitters: The regal life of gold, silver and precious metals amongst Sri Lankan Royalty

Gold, silver and other precious metals, enjoyed a regal and revered place in the past, worked into masterpieces by ancient...

11. Vibrant and Historic Jakarta

A facinating mix of the modern and traditional, in the streets of the capital of Indonesia.

12. The Heart of Kolkata

Explore the uniqueness and diversity of this bustling Indian city.

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