February 2017
7. Anuradhapura: the First Kingdom of Lanka

A fascinating tale of the ancient kingdom, with a 2-day planned itinerary.

8. A Cluster of Nine Peaks: Namunukula

A trek into a unique wilderness harbouring rare animals, unique flora and spellbinding misty scenery.

9. Photo Essay: Kumana

A pictorial foray into the wild wonderland of Kumana in the East Coast where animals roam freely.

10. Dhaka: City of Rickshaws and Riverboats

A look at the colourful cacophony that is the capital of Bangladesh.

11. Experiencing the Seychelles

How to make the most of your sojourn to this tropical beach haven.

12. Our National Flag

A look at the history and significance of the national flag of Sri Lanka.

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