February 2017
19. The 50 Exercise Fold Away Gym

This home resistance gym provides a 50-exercise body-sculpting workout. It easily folds flat to store under a bed or in a closet.

20. The Nutrismart Kitchen Scale

This is no ordinary kitchen scale. Nutrismart visually scans your fresh food and tells you its nutritional information, such as calories and water content.

21. Dockatot

Dockatot is a dock where babies can play, rest as well as lounge.

22. The Physicist's Perpetual Motion Clock

This is the timepiece that expresses horologic certainty with mechanical fluidity.

23. Lego Boost

Lego Boost is a set of motors and programmable bricks that can work with existing Lego kits and turn them into motorized or motion-sensitive toys.

24. Mattel Aristotle

A baby monitor and a voice-activated smart assistant, Aristotle can soothe babies with a lullaby when they wake up.

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