April 2017
19. You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are

In this spiritual guide recalling the words of Jesus, Rebekah Lyons teaches us that freedom is for everyone who wants it.

20. Towel warmer

What is the point of taking a hot shower just to step out of it into an icy towel or a frigid robe?

21. Space Saving Bike Rack

This rack can be mounted to virtually any wall without heavy lifting.

22. UV Sunbrella with Personal Fan

You can beat the heat and dare the harshest sun with this sunbrella which features a light-reflecting exterior shell and interior battery-operated fan.

23. Pilates Reformer

Practice the Pilates method within your home. This machine provides a great workout without the impact or stress of treadmills and other machines.

24. The Hands Free Binoculars

These new Hands Free Binoculars are worn like traditional eyeglasses.

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