May 2017
7. Crocs: The Giants in the Reptile World

Crocodiles are fascinating, adaptable and strategic hunters. The Island is home to the large Salt Water and Mugger crocodiles.

8. Eating like a Farmer

Ambula, the meals consumed by Sri Lankan farmers while at work in the paddy field has a touch of sourness and a lot of love in it.

9. Sandathenna: A Scenic Drive

To connect with nature or experience its spectacular sceneries, Sandathenna, also known as Moon Plains, is the place to be.

10. In the City of Enlightenment

Bodhaya, the cradle of Buddhism, is where Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the great teacher, the Buddha.

11. Bahrain: The Pillar of Persia

An archipelago nation of 30 islands in the Persian Gulf, relaxed Bahrain fuses Middle Eastern and Western lifestyles.

12. The Vesak Lantern

A guide to making a colourful lantern for the festive day of Vesak, it's easy and lots of fun.

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