May 2017
19. The Back Pain Relieving Acupressure Roller

This back massager has 30 acupressure rollers that relieve tight muscles in the back and neck. Uses your own body weight to press the 28 textured rollers against the back to provide a vigorous massage that relieves fatigued muscles.

20. The seven Device Charging Station

The charging station supplies power to seven USB devices simultaneously. The hub draws power from a standard wall outlet and it supplies up to 14 amps to its USB ports, enabling you to power tablets, e-readers, smartphones, iPods and other electronic...

21. The Authentic Sunzal Tropical Hammock Chair

This is the same hammock chair found in tropical resorts in El Sunzal, the surfing beach. Handcrafted by local artisans, the chair is luxurious with plump padded cushioning. It hangs from a bar and can support up to 300 lbs.

22. Snore Reducing Oxygen Level Monitor

This device vibrates to stimulate a snorer to shift position when oxygen levels in the body drop. It also monitors your heart rate and motion during sleep. It can also monitor heart rate, steps and motion during exercise.

23. Half Acre Mosquito Trap with Stand

A safe, quiet and odour-free way to eliminate flying pests. Uses a UV light bulb that attracts flying insects day and night with UV rays, gentle heat and safe, odourless carbon dioxide.

24. Transforming Chiminea Grill

The outdoor chiminea transforms into a grill as well as a built-in preparation/carving table. It is ideal for a barbeque. When the upper half swings down as a side table the bottom half can even be used as a wood-burning fire pit.

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