August 2017
7. SriLankan Airlines named 'Asia's Leading Cultural Airline'

Proving its service excellence once again, SriLankan Airlines, the National Carrier, received the 'Asia's Leading Cultural Airline' award at the World Travel Awards 2017.

8. Heartland of Beautiful Brass

Pilimathalawa, close to the ancient Kingdom of Kandy, is crowned in the beautiful glow of brass. To date families engage in the production of this traditional art.

9. சுஷி ஆரோக்கிய ருஷி

'ஷசுஷி' உணவைத் தயார்செய்வதும் அதைப் பரிமாறுவதும் உண்பதும் பண்பொழுக்கத்துடனும்...

10. Galmaduwa: A Prayer Room for a Queen

A temple that representa the diverse culture of the Island, is a structure that enthralls the historian and fascinates the visitor. It is a prayer room that was built for a queen.

11. Malé: The Maldives' Sunny Coral Island Capital

The smallest capital in the world, Malé, is a place for wandering and discovery.

12. Eco Adventures in Coimbatore

The second largest city in Tamil Nadu, despite its urban development, is refreshingly green and serene.

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