October 2017
19. The Next Generation Instant Camera

This instant camera, which fits the hand, pairs with an iPhone or Android smartphone, producing white-framed prints that begin to appear within two minutes and are fully developed after 30 minutes.

20. Solar Powered Bug Zapper Lights

These lights are cordless, portable and never need batteries. They'll soak up the sun during daytime and during night, the UV lights will turn automatically to attract over 100 species of insects which fly into the 300-volt...

21. The Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This wireless system monitors the air pressure of all four tires and displays their readings inside a car. The sensors also detect tire temperature and excessive air loss (from a tear or puncture) and send alerts...

22. The Circulation Improving Foot and Calf Massager

Combines deep tissue Shiatsu, compression, and heat for an invigorating massage that improves circulation and soothes sore feet and calf muscles.

23. Wellbox S Slimming and Anti-Aging System

The 100% natural, non-invasive way to smooth wrinkles, firm the skin and reshape your figure- in as little as 6-12 minutes a day. On the face, the specially designed suction heads roll and lift the skin...

24. Deluxe Zero-Gravity Lounger with Sunbrella Fabric & Memory Foam

This lounger disperses weight evenly for the whole body to relieve pressure, and cradles the body in perfect, custom comfort. Comes with detachable side table with cup holder.

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