February 2018
1. Sri Lanka Celebrates 70 Years of Independence

A glance back at the nation's journey from colonial rule to an independent country, which has achieved many strides in education, health and development.

2. Navam Perahera: The Majestic Pageant in the City

The vibrant cultural procession that illuminates the city of Colombo will be held this month.

3. ටෙපන්යකි: රස නහර පුබුදුවන සජීවී අත්දැකීම

අද වනවිට ලොව පුරා ප්‍රචලිතව ඇති සුන්දර සංස්කෘතියකට අනන්‍යවූ ආහාර සැකසුම් කලාවක මිහිර...

4. SriLankan Airlines at GVK Mumbai International Airport: The Gateway to India

The relationship between India and Sri Lanka is more than 2,500 years old.

5. 'ஒஸரிய' கண்டி மணப்பெண் அலங்காரங்களும் நம்பிக்கைகளும்

கழுத்துகள் பின்னிய இரட்டை அன்னங்களின் அலங்காரமே ஒஸரிய மணப்பெண் மாலை களில் பிரதானமும்...

6. Onboard the Yal Devi

The Princess of the Northern Line has been connecting Colombo and Jaffna for many decades and embarks on a journey that captures the beauty of the island.

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