March 2018
19. Bluetooth Snore Reducer

The only in-ear Bluetooth device that uses bone conduction and sound recognition technology to detect snoring and alert the wearer to change positions.

20. Video Capturing Flashlight

A high-intensity flashlight that captures a video of wherever you shine it and streams it to the smartphone.

21. Award Winning Food Processor

A food processor recognised for unparalleled performance. The Breville model chops food into perfectly sized, uniform pieces that are distinct, not mushy.

22. Undersea Video Drone

The drone provides live video footage of underwater aquatic life. It can operate at a depth of 100' for four hours at a time, using a built-in radar to detect fish.

23. Himalayan Halotherapy Lamp

Hand mined in the Himalayan mountains, the lamp utilises halotherapy to help treat respiratory ailments.

24. Portable Exercise Bike

The Portable Exercise Bike works your lower or upper body. To concentrate on the lower body, it can be set on the ground in front of the couch or under a desk.

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