SriLankan Airlines named 'Asia's Leading Cultural Airline'
August 2017

Proving its service excellence once again, SriLankan Airlines, the National Carrier, received the 'Asia's Leading Cultural Airline' award at the World Travel Awards 2017.

Held in China, hundreds of industry leaders from Asia and Australasia attended the glittering red carpet ceremony.

The travel award recognises the apt portrayal of the Sri Lankan culture throughout the total passenger journey onboard SriLankan Airlines. From the traditional greeting of "Ayubowan", the inherent warmth of the hospitality of Sri Lankans is reflected in all aspects.

The selection of the meals served onboard the SriLankan Airlines is a fine amalgamation of the traditional Island flavours and internationally acclaimed dishes; prepared according to the highest international standards. The trademark Ceylon Tea, which leaves anyone rejuvenated, is evidence of a legacy that has singularly held many generations in awe.

In terms of onboard entertainment, the Airline has included a selection of programmes depicting Sri Lanka's historic and ecological attractions, for the viewing pleasure of travellers.

Travellers can also browse through the in-flight magazine, 'Serendib', a monthly publication, which showcases the unique aspects of the Island life, such as the many cultural and religious events, places of historic and natural attractions, distinctive traditions and dishes that one could experience while touring the country. This medley of illustrated articles provide the traveller a comprehensive prelude to what one may experience in Sri Lanka.

Through the years, SriLankan cabin crew members clad in the iconic peacock-motif traditional Kandyan sari, have been the symbol of identification of the Airline. The peacock, or 'Monara' is a connotation to The Ramayana epic, in which the Sri Lankan King Ravana was said to have been in possession of a sophisticated flying machine, the 'Dandu Monara'.

True to its thematic subtleties, the cabin ambience of SriLankan allows the modern inflight comfort to blend in harmoniously with the elements of the iconic peacock, and other endemic fauna and flora of the Island, such as the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site.

A journey with SriLankan Airlines is not just a journey from one destination to another, it is also one of culture.

World Travel Awards celebrates its 24th Anniversary in 2017. It is further acknowledged across the globe as the ultimate travel accolade.