Eighth Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre opened in Oddusuddan
October 2017

Pradeepa Kekulawala, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, SriLankan Airlines, Kushil Gunasekara, Chief Founder, Foundation of Goodness, and Dr Anomi Jayasinghe, Group Medical Officer, unveiling the plaque

The eighth Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre was declared open in Oddusuddan in the Mullaitivu District, which is a joint project of SriLankan Airlines and the Foundation of Goodness. SriLankan Cares collaborated with the Foundation of Goodness to construct the full-fledged Training Facility with the aim of improving the lives of underprivileged communities in the Northern Province of the country as well as to focus on child and youth empowerment.

Ajith Dias, Chairman, SriLankan Airlines, said, "We at SriLankan Airlines are proud to lend a hand in securing a brighter future for aspiring young men and women. Our CSR arm has contributed to a large number of community development activities since its inception in 2003. We are dedicated to improving the areas of health, education and talent of the underpriviledged. With the Village Heartbeat Project, we aim to make their dreams a reality."

Kushil Gunasekara, Founder/Chief Trustee, Foundation of Goodness stated, "The Village Heartbeat Project is focused on benefitting the rural community and alleviating poverty by empowering youth from rural areas. It has been a wonderful journey to work with SriLankan Cares and make this project tangible. Pradeepa Kekulawala, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, Sri Lankan Airlines, said, "SriLankan Cares has always been in the frontline of the country's charity organisations. Children are the rightful owners of our future and they should be given all the support and care that they require to grow into driven citizens who will take this country forward. Sri Lanka has an adolescent population of more than three million. However, greater levels of investment in education and youth training are needed, especially for higher levels of skills and knowledge. Such efforts contribute towards eliminating the root causes of poverty and discrimination and contribute to the growth of Sri Lanka's economy."

SriLankan Cares raised funding for the construction, equipping and maintenance of the Centre. The Foundation of Goodness provided land in Oddusuddan for the Centre, coordinated its construction and will carry out training programmes and administration functions of the Centre.