Global Rotaract Sustainability Leadership Forum
May 2019

150 young global change-makers are expected to meet in Sri Lanka for the first ever Global Rotaract Sustainability Leadership Forum for young professionals. Held on three consecutive days from May 2 - 4, 2019 in Colombo, the forum will empower young professionals and community leaders to transform themselves as Sustainability Leaders and create a regional dialogue on Sustainability Leadership.

ROTARACT is the Youth program of the Rotary International that has been driving impactful social action initiatives around the world. Among its many contributions, the Rotary is known for its efforts in eradicating polio in the world.

With the main objective of creating a dialogue on ‘Sustainability Leadership' among youth in the region; and to develop young sustainability leaders in their own communities who will guide and inspire many more with their passion for change coupled with sustainable action, ROTARACT Sri Lanka together is organising the first ever ‘Global Rotaract Sustainability Leadership Forum'.

Sustainability Leadership is about sustaining the agenda as well as integrating sustainability in the heart of the organization or in their respective community.
It reflects on the emerging consciousness in those who chose to live their lives and lead their organisations in ways that account for their impact on the earth, society and the health of local and global economies.

SriLankan Airlines collaborates with ROTARACT Sri Lanka in this endeavour.