SriLankan Airlines recognised as the most punctual global airline
July 2019

SriLankan Airlines was honoured as the world's most punctual airline for two months within a 12-month period, with 90.75 per cent of its flights in May 2019 ‘on-time' across its route network. SriLankan also achieved the world's number one ranking in September 2018 with a punctuality rating of 91.37 per cent.

SriLankan headed the categories of ‘Global Airlines' and ‘Major Airlines', among all airlines that are monitored by the flight data analysis company It analyses airline data across every continent - Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and South America - including most of the world's largest and most prestigious airlines. They are placed among four categories: ‘Global Airlines', ‘Major Airlines', ‘Regional Airlines' and ‘Low Cost Carriers', with some appearing in more than one category. SriLankan's consistently high level of on-time performance is the result of an exhaustive process that co-ordinates the performance of all departments and individual staff members responsible for various aspects of its operations throughout its global route network.