SriLankan Airlines climbs to eighth place globally for airline fuel efficiency
September 2017

SriLankan Airlines has climbed to eighth position globally in IATA fuel efficiency ranking amongst 51 airlines in the same business model, following the implementation of a wide range of fuel efficiency and conservation measures over the last 22 months to reduce fuel burn.

Fuel Saving Initiative by the Pilots

Due to the efforts and skills of its Pilots, SriLankan Airlines achieved a saving of over US$2.3 million, when comparing the planned Fuel burn-off, against the actual in 22 months from August 2015 to June 2017.

SriLankan's fuel saving efforts are driven by a specialised Aviation Fuel Department in the Flight Operations Division, which constantly seeks new and innovative methods to reduce fuel usage whilst maintaining the highest safety standards and monitors the implementation of existing fuel conservation measures.

Fuel Tankering by Flight Dispatch

In addition to savings from fuel efficiency measures, SriLankan also achieved a saving of US$2.7 million during this same period using a process called 'Tankering' by Flight Dispatch, another section attached to Flight Operations.

Fuel Tankering is a method by which airlines reduce their purchasing of fuel at airports where fuel prices are high and instead carry fuel from airports with lower fuel prices. Tankering is extensively used in flights to Maldives, where fuel prices are the highest in the network. This means the fuel load required for the return trip from the Maldives to Colombo will be carried out of Colombo. The extra fuel burn due to the increased weight as a result of extra fuel carried, engine wear are some of the factors that are carefully monitored and considered by Flight Dispatch when Tankering.

Apart from achieving significant savings for the airline, the increase in fuel efficiency also directly enhances environmental conservation.